Diploma In Yoga Science Syllabus (DYS)

About the Program

Indira Gandhi Institute Of Yog Services (IGIYS) conducts Diploma in Yoga-Science (DYS) for the students. The course is conducted by well experienced faculties with several years experience behind them. The students are provided proper guidance by the teachers. The college is equipped with basic facilities for conducting the course.

Diploma in Yoga-Science (DYS) is a full-time diploma level program in Yoga and Naturopathy program. The program is covered in the course of 1 year covering all the major aspect of the study of Yoga. Eligibility criteria for the program require candidates to have completed their 10+2 examination in any relevant stream with good proficiency in the English language. The course is covered in the form of semesters conducted at the end of the course along with the practical examination..

The curriculum is designed in a manner, which imparts to candidate knowledge of both physiological and psychological aspects of the subject. The syllabus of the program is divided into written theory, practice, and training. Students are taught about the anatomy of human body, learning of asanas, history of yoga, yoga benefits and so on. The program apart from rendering students a detailed knowledge of the subject also helps in polishing the personality are made calmer and equipped with skills to make them proficient masters of the subject.

Diploma in Yoga-Science (DYS) is a beneficial subject for those who wish to undertake further research program of the subject. It is necessary for candidates to be medically fit for undertaking this study as any ailments or illness can make the learning of the program impossible and can lead to further complication of health. After the course completion, the students are competent to take up jobs of Instructors and Trainers at reputed universities, hospitals, wellness centers, Fitness hub, etc. The course aims to train and prepare candidates for the exoteric aspects of Yoga making them competent to lead an esoteric lifestyle.

Candidates are supposed to present a medical certificate confirming the individual is fit for pursuing the course. Taking into consideration the individual’s health, marks secured in qualifying examinations and other criteria set by Indira Gandhi Institute Of Yog Services (IGIYS), the admissions will be further processed. The program presents to students the physiological and psychological backgrounds of Yoga and its effect on body and mind of individuals..

The individual undertaking the program should be medically fit, not suffering from any chronic illness, which may prevent them to take up the course. Having a calm and composed mind will help the students to perform all the asanas with ease. Candidates after gaining successfully completing the practical and written examination will be awarded the diploma certificate at the end of the program. The students can benefit from this program which will hold a strong base for those who wish to pursue higher education in the subject.

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Diploma In Yoga Science - Syllabus

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