Foundation Course In Yoga Science Syllabus

Foundation Course In Yoga Science Syllabus (FYS)

About the Program

IGIYS conducts Foundation Course in Yoga-Science (FYS) for the students. The course is conducted by well experienced faculties with several years experience behind them. The students are provided proper guidance by the teachers. The college is equipped with basic facilities for conducting the course.

Wellness has been long cherished desire of human beings. In order to realize this goal, the human beings have been adopting different systems of medicines, Allopathy being most sought after..

However, ever growing side effects of allopathy (while curing one disease and giving space for others), the people now including government departments take recourse of Yoga and Naturopathy in the hope that this system of treatment will save them from the side effects of prevailing systems of medicine as well as reducing the sky-rocketing prices of costly medicines.

It is in this backdrop that the Department of Social Work, IGIYS started a six months Certificate Course in Yoga way back in the academic session of 1993-94 under the scheme of the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. Later on, after the cease of grants provided by the UGC, the Certificate course was brought under the Self-financing programme and the re-nomenclatured as Certificate in Yoga Science (CYS)

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Yoga Subject - Mode Of Study

Certificate In Yoga Science - Syllabus

  • Overview
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Asanas -
  • Tadasana









    Niralamba Bhujangasana



    Breathing with Awareness











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